What makes Champagne so Special?

Celebrating an occasion will never be the same without drinking champagne. In fact, what’s an occasion to celebrate without it?  Whatever reason to celebrate with, many would love to spend the day or night drinking champagne as the overall highlights of the event or just a simple celebration such as anniversary or promotion. So, the real question is, what makes such wine so special?


The Prestige

The Champagne will never be called as champagne if it is not processed and made from France. In this case, this wine is called as sparkling wine. To produce champagne, there are many requirements and these are grapes which only grow in the Champagne region and these are the Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. The prestige of champagne is based on its distinctive taste prior to the process and the minimum contact between the skin and the juice. The fermentation itself is quite different compared to different types of sparkling wines. There will be a second fermentation which makes the taste quite exquisite.

Outside Of Champagne Region

Whether a certain wine manufacturer follows the process, the second fermentation the supplies and even the proper temperature needed, it will never be called as champagne. That’s how unique this wine is. Moreover, there are two kinds of champagnes that you should know. These are the non-vintage and the vintage ones. The non-vintage ones can be processed and made without a certain season, while the vintage types of champagnes that require a certain season to harvest an exclusive grape which only grows in the Champagne region. Therefore, outside the champagne region such as New Zealand, or North Italy, such wine manufactured by these countries is called as sparkling wine. Cava is a different type of wine and process by the way.

Judging a Champagne

A good way to judge champagne is from the bubbles it produces. Tiny and fine bubbles as it pours to the flute can determine how well such champagne is made. But, wait until you smell the sweet aroma and have a taste of such fine wine in the country of France. The bottle must be kept in a cold temperature. Also, it is wise not to expose the bottle to hot places or to the sunbeam. It must be kept at a certain temperature level but not turning the champagne into an ice cold like what you normally do to your beer.


The price will vary depending on the type of champagne. The non-vintage ones are obviously the cheapest options which can be purchased from $40 up to $100 while the vintage ones can be purchased from $100 up to $100,000. As of now, the most expensive champagne is the shipwrecked that only has 200 bottles.

The reason why many would love to open a bottle of champagne whenever they celebrate something is still a mystery. Perhaps, because such wine signifies victory. While some would just love to have  a drink even though there are no reason to celebrate.  Well, celebrate life to the fullest because you are special. Cheers.



What is Cava? Is it a Champagne?

It can be confusing at first, but there is indeed a big difference between a Cava and a Champagne. First, Cava is made from Spain and Champagne is made from France. Yet, of course, both are indeed exquisite when it comes to the taste. Moreover, keep in mind that the name Champagne is only exclusive for the region itself whereas, champagne makers are using a certain method. If the product is made elsewhere, then it is considered not a champagne but rather a sparkling wine.

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Champagne Saber – The Perfect Gift for a Colleague Quitting Job

There are two reasons why a coworker wants to leave the company. One, is because of the working environment, it could be no longer healthy for his or her physically, mentally and emotionally. The second is, this colleague is just looking for a greener pasture. Often times, you see colleagues walk away through the door and never comes back. It can be a stressful and sad moment in the whole office, or in some cases, it can be a big relief.

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Sabrage Season Starts Now!

If you have been into fancy restaurants and diners, then you know the fact that it is not just the taste of the food you eat but also the overall presentation. Most of the time, you could not even want to taste your plate because of how wonderful the presentation is. Drinking champagne is not different. In fact, even though you crave about the taste, uncorking a bottle of champagne is full of surprises. There are so much to do when it comes to champagne. The famous champagne tower for example adds a bit of excitement. Moreover, the sound of the popping of cork itself gives anyone and everyone excitement. They know the fact that it is time for a lovely treat.


Aside from using a corkscrew or popping up the cork using pressure inside, another way to excite the guests would be sabering. Champagne sabering or also known as sabrage is probably the most exciting which is the overall highlight reel of the event. Once you see a person who is holding a majestic looking champagne saber, you know what to expect next.

How To Execute SabrageSabrage

It can be as complicated as it looks, but with a little practice with the help of using the right tool when doing this technique. The first thing that you should know is that, different bottles have their own different distinctiveness. Some are tough while some are easy to cut its lip. All in all, you should always use champagne saber or champagne sword when doing so even if you are just practicing at your very own kitchen. It is not recommended to use your regular knife. Obviously, kitchen knives are intended for cutting meat and champagne sword or champagne saber as the name it implies, iti is for sabering or sabrage.

The Bottle

The bottle has its weakness which is called as he seam. When you look closer, you can see a line that separates the bottle one to another. This is where you slide the blade from the body to the neck. Of course, you should remove the the foil and the wire supporting the cork. Make sure that the bottle is cold. The temperature can help the pressure which will not require you a lot of force when sliding the blade.

Buy Champagne SaberChampagne Sabers

Get your personalized champagne saber today delivered to you right next to your door step. The saber will be delivered together with a box and a stand depending on the model. Aside from sabering, champagne saber or sword has been used for aesthetic from homes and even at the office. You can hang them on your walls or you can put them to the table. There are wide varieties of champagne swords you can find online. Regardless if you are looking for the cheapest one or to the rarest one, you can find the kind of champange saber that fits not just on your budget but also to your taste.


Things to avoid while Sabering Champagne

So, you have seen such art from fancy restaurants, hotels, pubs and clubs. It looks like fun and simple, but even though how it easily executed, when doing so, the first thing that you should know is that, learning this kind of uncorking does not learned overnight. There will be some issues, but as far as probable injuries are concerned, there are few precautionary measures that you should take note.

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Ways To Drink Champagne Like An Expert

There are many ways on how to enjoy your champagne. Yet of course, whenever you open a bottle, you should make sure to finish it. Just imagine how sweet it could be when you uncorked it in a fine temperature. It is indeed, delicious treat where anyone and everyone will surely love. Whatever the occasion may be or perhaps a simple celebration or something which can be celebrated, you can never go wrong of having you and your loved ones a treat of champagne.

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Pop a Cork with

You don’t need to be a professional chef, ninja or a member of the hussars in order for you to perfectly execute sabrage or saber champagne bottle. What you need is to understand the physics and the chemistry behind the art so you can execute exactly the way you want it. Back in the old days which can be traced back to the Napoleonic era, it is quite too dangerous for an average person to uncork the bottle using a saber or a sword. But today, anyone and everyone can do it without worrying of hurting someone else. It is because champagne sabers and champagne swords today are modified which are now designed exclusively for sabering a champagne and item collection.

The Bottle

The first thing that you should do is to pick the right bottle. Keep in mind that different champagne bottle has different distinctive when it comes to its toughness. In case that you don’t want to spoil the good champagne, you can always look for sparkling wine. It is cheap and it has the same chemistry where you can spoil them without hesitation. Also, make sure that the bottle has the right temperature. This means that it has to be cold particularly the neck of the bottle. Again, it should be cold, but not iced cold. It is highly recommended to put the bottle inside the freezer for just a few minutes before performing the art.

The Right Tool


Another important factor to keep in mind is getting the right tool. You probably want to do it with your regular kitchen knife. But, no! it is not recommended otherwise you will hurt yourself, hurt someone, or spoil the champagne. Always look for champagne saber or champagne sword which are intended for sabering and not a regular knife.

The Seam

Now that you have the bottle and the champagne saber, it is time for you to locate the seam. Remove the foil of the bottle and as soon as you do, look for the seam of the bottle. The seam is the weak spot of the bottle and you can simply determine the seam by looking closer to the bottle. You will see a vertical line which separates the bottle. This is where you are going to slide the blade from the body up to the lip.

Don’t Forget The Wire

Oh by the way, you should remove the wire first that supports the cork. When doing this, you must put your thump over the cork. This would make sure that the cork would not pop up by itself. In some cases, the cork does because of the chemical reaction. Probably, the bottle was shaken too often.

Let’s Get It On


Without further do, hold the bottle 45 degree and make sure that no one will get hit by the flying cork. Now it is time to put a show by sliding the blade to the lip. It does not necessarily mean that you have to slide your champagne sword forcefully. Like mentioned, the trick is the chemicals and the physics.