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You don’t need to be a professional chef, ninja or a member of the hussars in order for you to perfectly execute sabrage or saber champagne bottle. What you need is to understand the physics and the chemistry behind the art so you can execute exactly the way you want it. Back in the old days which can be traced back to the Napoleonic era, it is quite too dangerous for an average person to uncork the bottle using a saber or a sword. But today, anyone and everyone can do it without worrying of hurting someone else. It is because champagne sabers and champagne swords today are modified which are now designed exclusively for sabering a champagne and item collection.

The Bottle

The first thing that you should do is to pick the right bottle. Keep in mind that different champagne bottle has different distinctive when it comes to its toughness. In case that you don’t want to spoil the good champagne, you can always look for sparkling wine. It is cheap and it has the same chemistry where you can spoil them without hesitation. Also, make sure that the bottle has the right temperature. This means that it has to be cold particularly the neck of the bottle. Again, it should be cold, but not iced cold. It is highly recommended to put the bottle inside the freezer for just a few minutes before performing the art.

The Right Tool


Another important factor to keep in mind is getting the right tool. You probably want to do it with your regular kitchen knife. But, no! it is not recommended otherwise you will hurt yourself, hurt someone, or spoil the champagne. Always look for champagne saber or champagne sword which are intended for sabering and not a regular knife.

The Seam

Now that you have the bottle and the champagne saber, it is time for you to locate the seam. Remove the foil of the bottle and as soon as you do, look for the seam of the bottle. The seam is the weak spot of the bottle and you can simply determine the seam by looking closer to the bottle. You will see a vertical line which separates the bottle. This is where you are going to slide the blade from the body up to the lip.

Don’t Forget The Wire

Oh by the way, you should remove the wire first that supports the cork. When doing this, you must put your thump over the cork. This would make sure that the cork would not pop up by itself. In some cases, the cork does because of the chemical reaction. Probably, the bottle was shaken too often.

Let’s Get It On


Without further do, hold the bottle 45 degree and make sure that no one will get hit by the flying cork. Now it is time to put a show by sliding the blade to the lip. It does not necessarily mean that you have to slide your champagne sword forcefully. Like mentioned, the trick is the chemicals and the physics.

The Uses of Champagne Saber

You saw sabrage in a fancy restaurant and you want to give it a try. You searched over the web and look for tips on how to execute the art the easiest way. On your part, you already know the fact that you should not use a typical knife you can find from your kitchen. But somehow, you are anxious of buying champagne sword or champagne saber because you are going to use it pretty much often. But champagne saber is not just intended for sabering a bottle of champagne. In fact, a lot of wine enthusiasts are collecting these items which give them the pleasure of fulfillment. Imagine you have a wide variety of champagne sabers and swords? Your co-workers, friends, and visitors would truly envy you.

Berkel Corsaro Wenge

Cunning, elegant and somehow nerve-wracking because of its shape. But you don’t have to worry about a thing since the blade is blunt. This sword is inspired and originated in the Middle East. It’s majestic look with its silvery blade and best quality materials what makes this champagne sword can make the impression that you are really passionate about wines. It is being produced by the finest blade manufacturer in Italy found in the small town of Maniago. The shape itself allows you to perfectly execute the art nice, smooth and easy.

download (1).jpg

Fox Due Cigni Sabre Bullae

If you want a smaller type of saber, you can’t go wrong with this one. In fact, for only $180 you can have this amazing saber. You can display this into your living room if not in use, or you can put it somewhere at your wine and champagne collection. This is another quality product from Maniago Italy. This saber is authentically inspired during in the time of Napoleonic era.


Fox Sciabola del Sommelier Bronze Black

If you really want to intimidate someone with your saber’s look, then this would the top choice. It is a black-charcoal blade saber with the attitude. Together with the saber is a stand and a quality box for safe keeping. Yet of course, you want it to display such beauty around the house and therefore, by all means, you can do so. This blade is produced from North Italy and catching anyone and everyone’s attention because of its sly look. This amazing saber can be yours and can be engraved to have a bit of your personal touch for only $180.00.

download (2).jpg

Viper Mathusalem Palissandro

Probably one of my personal favorite. As the name it sounds, this cunning saber is inspired and authentically designed particularly from a wine bottle sized champagne. Such bottle can hold 1.6 gallons. It has a size of burgundy bottom.


Viper Mathusalem Damasco Steel Cocobolo Limited Edition

If you are a serious champagne saber collector, then this saber is more than just a leisure but an investment. It’s blade is made from authentic Damascus steel which is really tough yet lightweight. It has a classic pattern and its handle is made from real cocobolo wood. It’s a classy tool when you saber champagne.viper-damasco-shop-1_1024x1024.jpeg

Budget Friendly Champagne Saber – Laguiole La Roque

So you are planning to have a date with your significant others and it seems like you want to be cheesy at least this moment only. After all, Valentine’s day is for those hopelessly romantic people like you do. Anyhow you are planning to take your wife/girlfriend somewhere that she can be cherished all of her life. You would love to take her out of a dinner where you can impress her with the best meal and the finest champagne in town. If you want, you can surprise her by sabering the bottle using champagne sword or saber.

Sabrage | Champagne Sabering

Champagne sabering has been recognized by many chefs and the finest restaurants you can find on earth. It is traced back a long way before from the time of the Great Napoleon Bonaparte back in the 18th century during the French Revolution. Champagne has been at their side when it comes to triumph and even defeat. During those days, they brought a log of champagne with them on their camp even when they are sailing on the sea. The only problem is, they forget about the most important thing they could bring and this is the corkscrew. Lucky, these horsemen improvised and used their primary weapon the saber and this is where the art of sabrage was born.

Learning How To Sabrage


Learning the art is easy as it looks like. You might say that it is somehow dangerous but the real trick here is not the weapon itself but what is happening inside. Keep in mind that you have to use proper tools when doing this kind of art. Never use knives you can find in your very own kitchen otherwise, you can hurt yourself or even worse like wasting the good wine.


The first thing that you should do is to remove all the foils from the bottle and then remove the wire that supports the cork. It is important to carefully remove the wire and put your thumb on the cork just in case. Make sure to point the bottle elsewhere which is safe. Don’t expect that you can perfectly execute the art again and again. Sometimes even the finest chef in town could not execute the art properly. Yet again, practice makes you better.

Laguiole La Roque

Laguiole La Roque
Laguiole La Roque

If you are looking for the best champagne saber then you can never go wrong with the Laguiole La Roque. As the name it sounds, the sword has its authentic design inspired by the French Revolution war. The good news is you can have this kind of saber for just about $85.00 only. It is perfect for those who want to learn sabrage and for those who loves collecting champagne collector’s item. The Laguiole La Roque will be delivered right at the footsteps of your door when you order now. The saber or the blade can be engraved with your name or something pretty much personal such as a message to your loved ones. It is also a perfect gift this heart season.

Why Use a Champagne Saber?

It might be simple at it seems when watching the bartender or the chef himself as he performs sabrage in front of you. You could witness this kind of art at the wedding ceremony, a simple date with your significant other or probably you just saw it on TV. You bought a bubbly wine and try it at your own kitchen. You get the kitchen knife and strike the lip of the bottle. It was a total mess where you have to clean the entire kitchen and you need to be careful since there are shards from the bottle.

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Champagne Swords with Engraving at Champagne Sabers US

All you need is an authentic personalized champagne saber to gift someone. The problem is, with so many online champagne shops to choose from, it is quite confusing and overwhelming. Not to mention that champagne sabers these days are pricey. Of course, you want to make sure that you are going to get the best kind of saber to purchase. Not all of them are made from quality materials. Also, it makes a bit more frustrating when the champagne shop would not deliver the product on time. Therefore, it is important as an online shopper like you, to take the time you need to find a credible manufacturer that will provide you the quality and the customer satisfaction.

Champagne Sabers –

You’ll find several kinds of champagne saber which are made from famous knives makers in the world.

Laguiole La Roque
Laguiole La Roque

For starters, the Laguiole La Roque is the most popular and bestselling champagne saber because of its authentic look inspired during the 19th century together with its wooden gift box. This saber can be engraved on its blade. The quality is great and the best of all, it has an incredible price of only $85.00 (more info here). Other champagne sabers such as the Fox Sciabola champagne sword series from bronze, bronze black, and silver can bring back the time of Napoleon. In case that you are passionate about collection champagne sabers, then you cannot go wrong with the Viper Mathusalem Saber. If money is not an object, then the Damasco Steel would be the best choice.

Customer Satisfaction

Aside from wide arrays of catalogs, you are guaranteed that you are going to get what you have paid for from the quality of the overall design. As soon as you place your order, you will receive a confirmation to your email. In two to three days you can get your very own personalized champagne saber that you always wanted or as a gift to someone. You are going to receive what you’ve clicked or added to your cart with customer service satisfaction guarantee.

Laser Engraving


In case that you are anxious the result of engraving, you cannot go wrong with the champagne sabers laser engraving system. In most cases, engraving can be limited with characters or numbers. But not with laser engraving. In fact, it can engrave your company’s logo smooth and easy. You will receive a smooth engraved image of your company’s logo without damaging the quality of the blade.

Site’s Interface

Simplicity is what the site brings to their customers. The graphics are easy to navigate where you can find the kind of champagne saber that you are looking for. Plus, if you like to make it a bit more personalized, all you have to do is to click the engraving menu. You can either send 30 characters on 1 text line, for the blade, wooden cover or to the center frame. To give you an idea, there are links where you can see exactly where the characters will be in place. At the moment, the champagesabers received positive feedbacks from their previous customers.

6 Must Have Wine Accessories

Collecting different brands of wines and champagnes can be very rewarding indeed. In fact, collecting them is like a luxury statement. You can always taste the pleasure and victory as you go home drinking a couple glass of wine. However, you will not be called as a certified champagne enthusiast or collector if you don’t have these champagne accessories at home. Yes, you probably got a bunch of different brand of champagnes from your cooler or probably you got the most exquisite wine cooler but, it does not make sense if you don’t have the accessories will be mentioned below.

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The Art of Sabrage

It has been said that the art existed during the middle of the  Napoleonic war where the mounted troops of the great Napoleon Bonaparte himself called as Hussars use their saber when knocking the lip of the bottles in times of victory. It became popular after the French revolution when Empress  Veuve Clicquot was fully entertained on how the Hussars do the sabering. This is where the art of sabrage was born.

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