Moments When You Drink Champagne

There are moments in life where you just have to get those wine glasses and champagne saber to celebrate. The fizzing sound that the champagne makes as it’s poured into the wine glasses makes for a memory worth going back to. But what are these champagne-worthy moments? We listed some of the popular occasions sabering champagne is a must.

Champagne Saber US - Moments When You Drink Champagne


Champagnes are a staple during birthday celebrations and for good reason. The champagne saber is used to open the bottle of bubbly goodness so people can toast in honor of the celebrator. In some cases, the toast comes with birthday wishes, which makes it an even more special moment.


Thanksgiving, New Year, Christmas, and Easter are on the list of vacations worth toasting to. In fact, during these occasions, a champagne of all sorts are displayed on the table so whoever wants to take a sip can just grab one.


Ever noticed how wedding proposals are always followed by clinking wine glasses? Well, this event deserves a toast because everyone has well wished for the bride and groom to be. It’s also a celebration of commitment, love, and a couple’s journey to forever.

Moments When You Drink Champagne

Holy Matrimony

Of course, after the engagement comes  the wedding ceremony. You can find the most expensive bottle of champagne during this event. The guests toast for the bride and the groom after sabering champagne. It pretty much adds to the flavor of the wedding cake, they say.


Nothing beats chugging down a bottle of champagne after getting that job promotion you’ve long been praying for. Doesn’t matter if it’s done at the office with the workmates or at home with the family, a promotion will always be champagne-worthy.


Graduation is best accompanied by a bottle of champagne because it’s the culmination of years of hard work. It’s also one’s transition to another chapter in their lives and the only way to celebrate it is with a tasty bottle of champagne.


It’s not every day that you have everyone in the house. With busy schedules here and there, a reunion is now considered as a special occasion worth toasting to.

Simple Moments in Life

There’s beauty in celebrating life’s simple moments. It can be something like the family being complete for the first time, getting a new dog, or welcoming a newborn baby. Pop that cork and celebrate because you just feel like it.

Champagne is considered as one of the best things that this life has to offer. In fact, in some instances, opening the bottle is considered as an important part of the program. It is deemed precious, that’s why it’s important that everyone bears witness.  This is the reason why one must enjoy it as much as possible. It does not matter if it’s the most expensive champagne or just the regular ones. What matters is that these champagnes are present during moments that matter the most. The ones worth looking back to with fondness.

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