8 Ways you are Drinking a Champagne Wrong

Indeed, champagne is an important beverage on any occasion to celebrate. It is all about enjoying the moment, yet, keep in mind that perhaps they’re ways you’re drinking your champagne the wrong way. Below are the eight ways you’re drinking champagne wrong.

Champagne is Expensive

You were fooled by familiar names and advertisement. In fact, most champagnes are less expensive. You can even buy less expensive non-vintage ones and blend to the vintage ones to achieve taste and styles. It is not all about the brand but the style and presentation.


Less Expensive Vintage Ones

Yet of course. You’ll most often get more bang for your buck by picking the vintage ones. In order for you to save some few bucks, always look for vintage ones which you are not familiar with. When choosing, the grapes must come from a single harvest on the label. You can buy as low as $78.00 for top recent vintages from 2002 up to 2012.

Always Use Flute

It is highly recommended to use a champagne flute and not just your ordinary glass. Such glass has curves which make the aroma better which makes the sensation better.

Don’t Buy Just A Couple of Bottles

The same price can drop especially during the holidays. Therefore, this is your chance to buy a case or two. Keep in mind that the demand for champagne can incredibly skyrocket during the season. Take the advantage of promos, discounts and price dropping seasons. You’ll discover you’ll be able to save at least 18% lower during the average week and buying bulk orders.

Storing Champagne

Do not store champagne to your fridge or refrigerator. Keep in mind that it is not some wine preserving chamber. This affects the quality and the taste of such great wine.

Opening a Bottle

You can make it casual or a very sophisticated one. This will depend on the mood and the crowd. Flying corks can do damage to the lamps and guests. So, make sure to point the bottle somewhere else safe. Make sure that your champagne is cold enough to loosen its cork gently otherwise it can overflow and wasting such a good wine.


Regular Size Bottle

This will vary depending on who you are celebrating with. Some are satisfied with one or two glasses of bubbly wines. If you are planning to entertain them though, then you better look for huge size to celebrate. Champagne sabering can make the night to remember. Just keep in mind that you got an authentic champagne saber and not just a kitchen knife or a tool you just found at your very own kitchen. Sabrage requires technique, and of course, sword or saber beheading the bottle smoothly and perfectly.

Don’t Serve Champagne Together with Chocolate

Rule of the thumb – chocolate and champagne don’t mix. You might be thinking about giving this to your date during valentines day or anniversary, but it is all wrong. Despite its taste, champagne does not go with everything. If your serving champagne, never serves sweets after the meal.

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