Make your Party Happening with Sabering a Champagne this New Year

Now that we are going to leave 2018 and as we face 2019, most of us are pretty much optimistic. Regardless of the beliefs and ethnicity, people tend to celebrate such an event with a blast. If you yourself is going to host a New Year party and want to impress your relatives and friends, this is the perfect place for you kicking off the party.

Indeed, Champagne is a timeless drink in any season and occasion, so we teamed up with party experts and renowned champagne brand pommery to give us some quick and easy party tips that will make the event a night to remember.

Sobret Cubes

To make the entire atmosphere, keep in mind that even a small detail can really make the difference. Instead of using regular ice bucket, why not give it an edge by creating sobret cubes. Such style is used by five star hotels and casinos which makes the cocktail a masterpiece. This will also add a fruity note to the drink. By simply popping these from a round ice cube, and chill them until the cocktail is ready.

Keep Champagnes Fresh

Make sure to keep champagne fresh whenever serving. It is best served when chilled. Serve the cocktail and make sure to follow up serving champagne in the very last minute. In order for the guesses to enjoy the bubbles, make sure to always open a bottle just before serving and you may also pour out some ingredients. You can keep the champagne frizzy by placing spoon inside the top of the bottle and placing it into the fridge.


Champagne Sabering

Sabering a champagne or sabrage might be difficult to master, but it is not as complicated as it seems. In fact, anyone can pull this off just make sure to use champagne saber or champagne swords when performing. Two of the most famous champagne swords are FoxSciaboladelSommelierBronzeBlack, Dorre Salut which are available online today.


Of course, this may take for a while in order for you to master the art, but when it is done correctly it makes such a party to remember. To avoid accidents, always execute the art into a garden and point the bottle somewhere safe. All you need to do is to rest the blade from the seam of the bottle, aim the ring, and turn the blunt edge of your champagne sword towards the cork. You don’t need much pressure when doing so. The trick here is what is happening inside.

Cocktail Spin

Take the celebration as an opportunity for you to be more creative and update your cocktail recipes by serving champagne. A good example is the champagne Mojito, it is quite a very good combination which will be the cocktail of the night for sure.

Have a blast celebrating the New Year with your loved ones. As you look forward to 2019, always make sure to be grateful and thankful of the 2018, Have a prosperous New Year To All.

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