New Vs Old Techniques of Sabering a Champagne

There are plenty of ways on how to create bubbles in the wine. In fact, some are easy some are incredibly involved a lot of processes like champagnes. In here, you will discover two different ways of adding bubbles using a secondary fermentation. There is a particular term that winers would be called as Chamrat. This process is more complicated compared to the carbonation. There are two types of methods we are going to discuss in this article, the first one is the Traditional method which literally means the classic methods of creating bubbles. The second one is the Charmat method, which simply means a bulk method or some people it is called Cuve Close.

Creating The Bubbles

Both traditional and Charmat method begins with creating the base of the wine. Commonly, the base is made from blended wines with different varieties of grapes and vineyards. The mixture is called as the liqueur de tirage which literally means adding back to the base wine. While, the second fermentation, the sugar converts to the yeasts with CO2 and will be trapped from the bottle or the tank. This will vary of course depending on the method.


Secondary Fermentation

When it comes to traditional method, the base wine is put into the bottle. The process will undergo into the secondary fermentation for about nine months up to 5 years. While the Charmat method, on the other hand, is processed through a stainless steel pressure tank. This will typically make the bubbles from six weeks up to seven weeks. Obviously, it is shorter compared to the traditional method.


Removing The Lees

Every bottle regardless if it is traditional or modern, it will undergo the riddling process. This is when the bottle will put into the racks and be rotated on a specific schedule. This moves the lees or dead yeast to the neck of the bottle. While, when it comes to the Charmat method, it does not require riddling. Rather, the process filtered the bulk wine to remove the dead yeast.

Disgorging Process

The traditional method requires disgorging. This is the process where the vintner will place the riddler wine into the freezer. This method freezes the lees into a nice little plug. On this condition, the cap from the bubbly wine will be removed to the ice plug.

Uniqueness Of The Taste

Each wine is distinctively unique since the fermentation and the process are pretty much different. Yet, of course, nothing beats champagne. So, why people really like champagne? Is it because of the taste or the traditional method of using the letterpress maybe? Or perhaps most people really love sabering champagne or sabrage?

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