What to do when your Sabrage Fails?

As the old saying says, every expert was once a beginner and sabering a bottle of champagne can go wrong. In fact, last year, there are floods of Youtube videos showing sabrage or sabering gone wrong. Yet, of course, this does not necessarily mean that you are going to stop doing such an art. As long as you are using the right tool and pointing the bottle somewhere else safe, you can possibly perfect it in one smooth swing.

When It Goes Wrong

Sabrage fails will not just only waste a good wine, but also detrimental when it comes to injuries. So, never take such art for granted and always be reminded about safety precautions. Never compromise the tool that you are going to use. Always use a champagne saber or a champagne sword whenever executing or beheading the bottle. A regular kitchen knife is meant for cutting meat and not cutting the lip of the champagne bottle. When sabering gone wrong, better to put the fragments of the bottle somewhere else safe. Never try to drink the spare champagnes. It would be better just to get rid of the broken fragments of glass as quickly as possible.


First Try Fail

In most cases, when you tried and swing the blade from the seam up to the lip of the bottle and somehow didn’t work, except that the second try or the third is a total fail. Why did you ask? It is because of the fact that during your first swing or second swing of the blade, it already damaged the seam. Keep in mind that this part of the bottle is the weakest. You may succeed in breaking the glass, but this time in half. If this happens, accept the fact that you spoiled such as good wine, never try and drink the spare. So, if you made your first swing and failed, it would be better to uncork the bottle the old way. bronze_black_shop


One of the most important factors that you should consider in order for you are about to saber champagne or beheading a bottle of champagne is its temperature. Keeping the champagne cold makes it easier beheading the bottle. It is because of the fact that perfecting the art is not based on how much force a person will use when swinging the blade or the champagne saber. The secret behind sabering or sabrage is what is happening from the inside. Keeping the champagne cool really matter.

chilled champagne bottle

Don’t Drop It

Amateurs may drop the bottle and this is common if they don’t have a good grip. Keep in mind to always wipe the bottle using table napkin before beheading the champagne. If this happens though, well you are lucky if the bottle doesn’t break. But, never try beheading the bottle another try. What happens when you shake a can of soda? The same thing goes when it comes to champagne. If it does not break, better not to try and open the bottle up but rather wait until the bubbles are gone from the inside. However, expect that the taste is not as good than it was.

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