Reasons for Failing in the Process of Sabering a Champagne

You’ve just wasted several bottles of champagne but it seems that you just can’t achieve sabering perfectly. There are many possibilities why you keep on failing. But, don’t worry, as soon as you read this article and apply the things that you’ve probably missed, you can execute such art in the most perfect way. Keep in mind that practice does not make you perfect, but it makes you better. Here are the reasons why you can’t achieve sabrage or to saber champagne in perfection.

The Right Tool

Are you sure that you are using the right tool when it comes to beheading the champagne bottle? In case that you are using your kitchen knife, it is obvious that you are doing this wrong. Keep in mind that this particular knife is intended for cutting meat and not cutting glass.

Regardless whether you see some on Youtube videos whereas an individual using a regular knife, it does not necessarily mean that you can also do sabering correctly. The best tool to perfectly beheading the bottle is by using a champagne saber or a champagne sword.

champagnesaber 3

Why Only Use Champagne Saber?

Why? Because of the fact that these tools are intended to execute sabrage. Keys, for example, can be also effective for opening canned foods, but keys are meant for unlocking locks. The same principle goes when it comes to champagne saber or champagne sword, they are meant for cutting the lip of the bottle. You can choose from:

Dorre Salut

The most affordable champagne saber you can find on the market today both offline and online. For only $80, you can have this majestic blade that executes sabrage perfectly.

Fox Sciabola del Sommelier Bronze Black

The most popular and the best selling saber today. This blade is made from the finest knife manufacturer in Northeastern Italy. This saber will be delivered to you with its wooden box and wooden stand for only $180


Chilled Properly

Did you chilled the bottle properly? Chilling champagne is very essential and this is actually the main ingredient in order to perfect sabering. Yet, keep in mind that it is not supposed to be ice-cold. Just chill the bottle in a bucket full of ice for about 5 minutes and that’s pretty much it. This would do the trick of pressuring the chemicals from the inside.

The pressure made from the inside of the bottle only needs a bit of push and this is where exactly how sabering is the done in the right and perfect way.

Did You Find The Seam

Another essential step that you’ve probably missed is finding the seam. The seam is the line that separates the bottle and this is where you supposed to slide the blade from the neck to the lip. This is the weak spot of the bottle and this is where you need to slide the blade. Before doing so, make sure that you remove the foil that can hinder the pressure you will make when sliding the blade. Also, make sure to point the bottle in a certain place where it is safe.

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