Everything you Should know Before Sabering a Champagne

There is no other dramatic way to open up a bottle of champagne using a saber. The art of beheading a bottle with a swift using a majestic champagne saber. All it takes is a technique learned and passed from generation to generation. Today, you can witness such good art when you attend any types of celebrations. In fact, this is one of the highlights of the celebration where anyone and everyone stands in awe.

Champagne Sabering Requirements

First, you don’t need to take a crash course just for you to learn this art. In fact, anyone can execute this technique perfectly, yet, it takes practice and precision. Now, before you get a champagne and look for something sharp, you need to understand that in order to do this, only use champagne saber and not a regular knife you can find on your kitchen. Why so? It is because your kitchen knife is meant for cutting meat, while champagne saber is meant for beheading the bottle of champagne. Using the right tool allows you to increase your success rate.

Laguiole La Roque

This simple masterpiece would be your perfect tool as you start learning how to cut the lip of the bottle. It is a popular saber that is known in almost all parts of the world that cuts perfectly. Probably, this is the cheapest champagne saber you can find both offline and online but it is authentic and works perfectly. You can have this for only $85.00 together with its wooden box casing.

Champagne Saber

Fox Sciabola del Sommelier

Now, this type of saber fits for advanced learner. This is for the individuals who tried sabering before but want to put their sabering skills to the next level. This champagne saber is the all-time best seller because of its majestic look. The design itself is timeless and exclusive. You’ll never saber a bottle of champagne the same way again. You can have this magnificent piece on an art for only $195.00

champagnesaber 3


As you look closer, the champagne sabers featured are blunt. The reason behind this is the fact that sabering does not require a sharp blade. All it takes is a certain amount of force and let the pressure inside do its trick. The bottle must be chilled but make sure it is not ice-cold. This helps pressure from the inside to increase its PSI. Make sure to remove the foil and always put your thumb on the cork when removing the wire.


Ensure that you wipe the bottle using table napkins. As you do so, look for a line that separates the bottle from side to side. This line is called the seam and this is where you are going to slide the blade from the neck to the lip. You can take your time by aiming and practicing the blade as you saber champagne. You can do this in your very own backyard or elsewhere that no one could get hurt.

If it seems that you don’t want to spoil such a good wine, you can always look for an alternative to practice this technique using sparkling wine.


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