Perfect Ways to Pop a Cork of a Champagne with Champagne Saber

Finally, the boss recognized you and are now at the top of your career. Company promotion is tough especially if you started from the bottom. Now, it is time to celebrate and a good way to do so is by hosting a party. Indeed, this is an occasion of a lifetime and you deserve it. This means that champagne will be flowing soon. Popping a cork can be pretty much exciting, but, how about getting the party to the next level?

Sabrage or champagne sabering is a technique of opening a bottle of champagne using a champagne sword or a champagne saber. The tradition can be traced back in the time of Napoleon. Doing this perfectly require you take practice and a crash course from this article.

champagnesaber 3

Step 1

First thing first, the rule of the thumb – never use any other tools when beheading the bottle. Let’s make it clear. A kitchen knife is made for cutting meat and not glass. A champagne sword or a champagne saber is specially crafted and manufactured to use it for sabrage.

Take Note: Never use your regular knife otherwise, someone or you might get hurt. Keep in mind that executing the art does not require a sharp edged blade. In fact, as you look closer, such majestic champagne saber may look so intimidating. But, as you observe the blade, it is actually blunt. This is because champagne sabering does not require sharp edge to execute it perfectly.



Step 2

To make the glass brittle, make sure that you chilled the bottles. This also helps the chemical reaction coming from inside the bottle. Yet, you have to keep in mind to make the bottle cold but not iced cold. Before sliding the blade, you should remove the foil and the cage. When doing so, it is recommended to support the cork putting your thumb on it. This is just a precautionary measure and don’t put a lot of pressure.

Step 3

This can be exciting, but you need to wipe away moisture by using a table napkin. Now, it is time for you to look for the seam of the bottle. Use your left hand or your less-dominant hand to hold and maintain the glass to 38 up to 40 degree. It is necessary to maintain a tight grip and the bottom of the bottle.

Step 4

Make sure to point the bottle elsewhere no one can get hurt. Hold the champagne saber flat across the bottle. You can aim the saber by running the blade back and forth along the seam. It does not require much pressure when beheading the bottle, just a swift motion will do. The champagne inside will do the trick that would release the pressure making the cork together with the llp flies.

Step 5

Let the bubbles flow to eliminate shards from the glass. Now, it is time for you to serve the good wine, pour it to your glass and enjoy the moment. Oh, by the way, keep the headless bottle somewhere else safe and look for the head as well. Cheers.

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