How Champagne Become a Symbol of Celebration?

There are many ways on how to celebrate the occasion, but it will never be the same without popping the cork and toasting with champagne. So, why such good wine is often used to mark a special moment or occasion. What is the significance behind it? Is it the bubbly pleasure? Why is it passed from one generation to another?


Not so long ago, champagne is known as a bubbly light-colored wine often used as a drink with aristocrats and nobles. It is often used in royal courts in Europe that signify prosperity and success. In 1789, champagne is recognized by many as a mark of celebration in royal courts. Back then the drink was viewed as an expensive drink meant for describing the person’s status. It became a secular ritual after the French Revolution. Champagne was used for christening a ship and it does no longer require to call a priest to do so using holy water. Such good wine came to different kinds of occasions afterward such as a wedding, baptism,  and other religious events.


Drinking Phenomenon

In the late Nineteenth century, champagne was transformed from luxury to a drinking phenomenon. Such good wine was used to commemorate occasions such as smashing the bottle to the ship, the maiden’s voyage like throwing the bottles on the floor. It symbolizes abundance and joy that became a worldwide trend when it comes to celebration. In fact, just uncorking a bottle of champagne already signifies and mark the celebration. There are even some cases that the champagne is not literally consumed during festivities and events.


As it signifies victories and celebration, the sports industry also uses it pouring athletes. Just consider the F1 series for example. As soon as the final lap is over, you’ll see three individuals at the podium as they pour out the champagne to the crowd. Maybe, you see a lot of sporting events when the team pours out the water from the jug to their coach right? But, wait until you see them in the locker room. You see most of the team pouring champagne.

Drinking Champagne

Of course, many would still want to drink champagne and not just pouring it to someone. After all, drinking it is such a bubble pleasure that anyone and everyone would love to enjoy. There are two ways on how to uncork a bottle of champagne, one is by popping up the cork. This is called as the “love whisper” two, is by using a champagne sword or a champagne saber which is also known as sabring or sabrage.


Whatever the occasion is, or whatever technique you are going to use whether saber champagne or popping out the cork, the best way to celebrate is to drink it up. Just imagine yourself in a place where you see your relatives and loved ones enjoying the moment. WIth a good music, lightings, and the atmosphere, truly, it is a moment you will certainly cherish for the rest of your life.

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