Gift Champagne Saber to Your Champagne Lover Friend

Regardless if you are planning to give a champagne saber to your friends, your stakeholders, avid customers’ and your most talented employees, Let Champagne saber-US enhance your gift with customized laser engraving. This allows you the opportunity to have a bit of personal touch to the person you are going to give. You can never go wrong gifting somebody with a champagne saber especially if the person loves saber much.


Delivery will vary depending on your location, while mostly; it will take 24 hours up to 3 working days upon order online. The package includes a wooden box and a champagne saber stand. Take note that the package will also differ on what type of champagne sword or saber you dragged to your online cart. You can order via online banking accounts such as Paypal or Debit/Credit card Visa. By simply clicking the catalog page, it takes you to a wide array of selection of sabers. You’ll find the most affordable and the hard to find ones.


Personalized Engraving

Champagne saber-US offers personalized engraving which is a perfect gift for anyone and everyone who loves champagne. Regardless of the occasion, they will definitely appreciate your regards. You can include proverbs, your name, the company’s name or perhaps a date. In case that you want to include your company’s logo, champagne saber – US can do so. The engraving is perfectly sharp that can engrave almost everything you asked since it is powered by laser. Just name the font style with a maximum of 25 up to 30 characters, you’ll see how majestically it blends to the blade.

champagne saber

It’s Time To Shop

  • Dorre  Salut Champagne Dagger – Is crafted by its flagship Swedish brand “Dorre” is ideal for giveaways. It is a perfect tool and dependable to saber champagne particularly for those people who want to learn the art. This piece of an art can be engraved on the blade. You can have this awesome blade for only $80.00
  • Laguiole La Roque – is the all-time best seller because it is affordable yet, it does have its majestic look. In fact, it works perfectly for its purpose and that is sabering the bottle easily. It includes a classic wooden gift box enhancing its aesthetic look when displayed. Order now for only $85.00
  • Berkel Corno di Buffalo Black – is a fine collection that every champagne lover would appreciate. By just looking at this majestic blade, truly it gives you the sense of fulfillment. As the name it suggests, the Berkel Corno’s handle is made from authentic buffalo horn with its high black polished coating. Berkel Corno package includes stylish wooden display stand and its neat gift box. You can have this saber for $530.00.

Corsaro Wenge – This is for those champagne lovers who know a bit of history of sabering. It is s curved sword blade inspired by a scimitar sword in the Middle East. It is manufactured from the Eastern side of Italy that is best known for quality and to saber champagne You have the option of including engraving to the blade, to the handle or both.

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