Gift Engraved Champagne Saber to a Champagne Lover

It’s 2018 and you want to make the first impression to your avid clients and stakeholders. There are plenty of ways to do so, but how are you certain that all these bunch of people will going to like it. Everyone loves celebrating the New Year with a bang welcoming a new beginning. Therefore, this celebration will not be the same without a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Of course, champagne might be one of the most frequent gift anyone can receive. It is ideal, everyone loves it and everyone could not resist such sweet taste. But, you on the other hand, would love to give something which is unique with your personal touch.

Champagne Sabers / Swords

Now this kind of gift turns wonderful to awesome. Not many would expect that they are going to receive such an awesome majestic piece of art that has been in the history. Moreover, such blade has its fine cultural background and made many kinds of occasions unforgettable because of sabering. It does not necessarily mean that you are going to give this gift for a person who knows the art of sabrage, but as a sign of gratitude. For personal touch, laser engraving would be the best idea. You can put a little message to it, or probably your company’s tagline, or the date when you gave this awesome gift.


But It Comes With A Price

Yes, I know that a champagne sword comes with a price and that’s the idea. On your part, if you received a cheap gift from anyone, it can be a bit of frustrating doesn’t it? The same goes when you give gifts especially to your stakeholders. If gifting champagne swords or sabers, this only means that you value them. But, it does not mean to say that you are getting cheesy. If the budget is tight, you can find the not so pricey ones yet, with the finest quality.

Laguiole La Roque


This champagne saber the  blade in particular has the finest quality, a very popular saber with affordable price. It works perfectly for its purpose and at the same time, this can be a perfect display at the office. It comes with a wooden gift box deliver to you in three days when you order at the front of your doorstep. For only $120.00, surely many would like this awesome gift this 2018.

Fox Sciabola del Sommelier Bronze Black

Fox Sciabola del Sommelier Bronze Black

This champagne saber will only cost you additional $60.00 when you purchased Laguiole La Roque. That’s right, – price tag is $180.00 only. This awesome black blade is a classic Fox’s saber with a bit of attitude. The coolest part would be its engraving. How so? Since the blade is black, the engraving becomes grey which is indeed breathtaking. A perfect gift to a perfect stakeholder. This can be very much means to him/her.

There are plenty of engraved champagne swords you can find here in our catalog page, make sure to like, tweet, share and pin. Have a prosperous New Year to every champagne lover out there.

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