What makes Champagne so Special?

Celebrating an occasion will never be the same without drinking champagne. In fact, what’s an occasion to celebrate without it?  Whatever reason to celebrate with, many would love to spend the day or night drinking champagne as the overall highlights of the event or just a simple celebration such as anniversary or promotion. So, the real question is, what makes such wine so special?


The Prestige

The Champagne will never be called as champagne if it is not processed and made from France. In this case, this wine is called as sparkling wine. To produce champagne, there are many requirements and these are grapes which only grow in the Champagne region and these are the Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. The prestige of champagne is based on its distinctive taste prior to the process and the minimum contact between the skin and the juice. The fermentation itself is quite different compared to different types of sparkling wines. There will be a second fermentation which makes the taste quite exquisite.

Outside Of Champagne Region

Whether a certain wine manufacturer follows the process, the second fermentation the supplies and even the proper temperature needed, it will never be called as champagne. That’s how unique this wine is. Moreover, there are two kinds of champagnes that you should know. These are the non-vintage and the vintage ones. The non-vintage ones can be processed and made without a certain season, while the vintage types of champagnes that require a certain season to harvest an exclusive grape which only grows in the Champagne region. Therefore, outside the champagne region such as New Zealand, or North Italy, such wine manufactured by these countries is called as sparkling wine. Cava is a different type of wine and process by the way.

Judging a Champagne

A good way to judge champagne is from the bubbles it produces. Tiny and fine bubbles as it pours to the flute can determine how well such champagne is made. But, wait until you smell the sweet aroma and have a taste of such fine wine in the country of France. The bottle must be kept in a cold temperature. Also, it is wise not to expose the bottle to hot places or to the sunbeam. It must be kept at a certain temperature level but not turning the champagne into an ice cold like what you normally do to your beer.


The price will vary depending on the type of champagne. The non-vintage ones are obviously the cheapest options which can be purchased from $40 up to $100 while the vintage ones can be purchased from $100 up to $100,000. As of now, the most expensive champagne is the shipwrecked that only has 200 bottles.

The reason why many would love to open a bottle of champagne whenever they celebrate something is still a mystery. Perhaps, because such wine signifies victory. While some would just love to have  a drink even though there are no reason to celebrate.  Well, celebrate life to the fullest because you are special. Cheers.


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