What is Cava? Is it a Champagne?

It can be confusing at first, but there is indeed a big difference between a Cava and a Champagne. First, Cava is made from Spain and Champagne is made from France. Yet, of course, both are indeed exquisite when it comes to the taste. Moreover, keep in mind that the name Champagne is only exclusive for the region itself whereas, champagne makers are using a certain method. If the product is made elsewhere, then it is considered not a champagne but rather a sparkling wine.

What Is Cava Then?

Cava is made from a few grapes that you might not hear before. These are the Parellada, Macabeu, and Xarello. At the winery store, you probably observed that Cava’s price tag is somehow similar or nearly at the same price as Prosecco. Yet, when you taste such wine, you may think that this is similar to champagne.

champagne sword

In fact, like champagne process, such wine undergo with secondary fermentation instead in the tank. This is the same and exact method champagne makers produced such sweet treat. As mentioned, since it is outside the champagne region, the method should not be called as methode champenoise. Instead, the second fragmentation process is called as the methode traditionnelle

Aside from the process and the production, Cava has a bit less reasonable price compared to champagne. This is because the Spanish Manufacturing Winery Companies are using the process in a mechanicalized way. While, in France, the process is done traditionally by hand.

Cava Treat

Another difference between Cava and champagne is the fact that Cava does not require longer fermentation process. All in all, you cannot go wrong with its sweet taste of melon pear, citrus, and pleasant grape acidity. This could be an option if you wish to pleasure yourself for a while, taste a good dessert that does not need you to spend over than  $100 or could be even more.



Unfortunately, most people often mistakenly calls sparkling wine as champagne. There could be even an instance that you called Cava a champagne because of the taste. Again as mentioned, champagne shall be only called as champagne when such wine use the process called methode champenoise, and it must be produced at the region.

The method involves adding yeast and sugar to the wine whereas, it must be bottled gradually to the second fermentation. There is a certain temperature when doing this process that could last for about 2 years or so. During the fermentation process, the dying yeast and sediment will form.

Take note when opening a bottle of champagne make sure that you are going to keep the good wine back to your fridge when there is leftover. Otherwise, you’ll make such good wine not on its best taste. Make sure when you pop up that cork, you should finish what you have started. Better to share champagne to someone like your loved ones or friends.

Both wines are indeed a sweet treat and you can use your thing sabering the champagne with the use of your very own champagne saber.


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