Champagne Saber – The Perfect Gift for a Colleague Quitting Job

There are two reasons why a coworker wants to leave the company. One, is because of the working environment, it could be no longer healthy for his or her physically, mentally and emotionally. The second is, this colleague is just looking for a greener pasture. Often times, you see colleagues walk away through the door and never comes back. It can be a stressful and sad moment in the whole office, or in some cases, it can be a big relief.

Professional Relationship

Co-worker’s departure is always an opportunity for you to reinforce your professional relationship. It is obvious that this coworker will pass the responsibilities to someone else. In that case, if you are that person, then you need to fully understand his or her responsibilities and pending projects. This could be hard for a co-worker and most of the time, this colleague of yours is no longer motivated to endorse the things that you must understand. So, the best way to do so to go to lunch.

Goodbye Lunch

A goodbye lunch would be one of the most effective ways to at least appreciate the things he or she contributed to the company. Even though that this colleague is overlooked by your supervisors or team leaders, it is a good way to make this person feel comfortable. You can also discover what is the real reason why he or she wants to leave the company.  Yes, you may hear a lot of negative feedbacks about the company, but all in all, you don’t have to follow your colleague’s footsteps.


Goodbye Gift would be another option where this person can really appreciate your professional relationship with him or her. There are a lot of pieces of stuff you can buy online. But, you don’t have to go cheap especially when this person is pretty much close to you. A fine personalized champagne saber, for example, would cheer this colleague up.Champagne Saber 2You will never be forgotten by this person especially if he or she loves collection one. It will no longer be a surprise if one day, this person would contact you or refer you to a company that he or she may found which has a better compensation. This would be the perfect gift for someone you know  who help you a lot with your career. It can be hard to see this person go, but all in all, the champagne saber would be your bond.

Build Networks

Nothing personal in this industry and therefore, you may want to help your colleague to find another job. You can help him/her so by writing a recommendation through Linkedin. At the same way, this colleague of yours may also do the same thing like you do in the future. Having a recommendation in this business media site can make an impact to your career that same as with your co worker.

Seeing this colleague of yours can be a heartbreak on your part. But, you have to keep in mind that there is no permanent in this world. After all, its just business.


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