Sabrage Season Starts Now!

If you have been into fancy restaurants and diners, then you know the fact that it is not just the taste of the food you eat but also the overall presentation. Most of the time, you could not even want to taste your plate because of how wonderful the presentation is. Drinking champagne is not different. In fact, even though you crave about the taste, uncorking a bottle of champagne is full of surprises. There are so much to do when it comes to champagne. The famous champagne tower for example adds a bit of excitement. Moreover, the sound of the popping of cork itself gives anyone and everyone excitement. They know the fact that it is time for a lovely treat.


Aside from using a corkscrew or popping up the cork using pressure inside, another way to excite the guests would be sabering. Champagne sabering or also known as sabrage is probably the most exciting which is the overall highlight reel of the event. Once you see a person who is holding a majestic looking champagne saber, you know what to expect next.

How To Execute SabrageSabrage

It can be as complicated as it looks, but with a little practice with the help of using the right tool when doing this technique. The first thing that you should know is that, different bottles have their own different distinctiveness. Some are tough while some are easy to cut its lip. All in all, you should always use champagne saber or champagne sword when doing so even if you are just practicing at your very own kitchen. It is not recommended to use your regular knife. Obviously, kitchen knives are intended for cutting meat and champagne sword or champagne saber as the name it implies, iti is for sabering or sabrage.

The Bottle

The bottle has its weakness which is called as he seam. When you look closer, you can see a line that separates the bottle one to another. This is where you slide the blade from the body to the neck. Of course, you should remove the the foil and the wire supporting the cork. Make sure that the bottle is cold. The temperature can help the pressure which will not require you a lot of force when sliding the blade.

Buy Champagne SaberChampagne Sabers

Get your personalized champagne saber today delivered to you right next to your door step. The saber will be delivered together with a box and a stand depending on the model. Aside from sabering, champagne saber or sword has been used for aesthetic from homes and even at the office. You can hang them on your walls or you can put them to the table. There are wide varieties of champagne swords you can find online. Regardless if you are looking for the cheapest one or to the rarest one, you can find the kind of champange saber that fits not just on your budget but also to your taste.


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