Things to avoid while Sabering Champagne

So, you have seen such art from fancy restaurants, hotels, pubs and clubs. It looks like fun and simple, but even though how it easily executed, when doing so, the first thing that you should know is that, learning this kind of uncorking does not learned overnight. There will be some issues, but as far as probable injuries are concerned, there are few precautionary measures that you should take note.

The Tools

You probably visited forums and blogs about champagne sabering and they are specifying to use champagne saber rather than your regular kitchen knife. This is one of the most important concern you have to keep in mind when it comes to safety. Your kitchen knife is designed for cutting meat while champagne saber or champagne sword is particularly designed and crafted for sabering champagne. Is it possible to unlock a deadbolt using paperclips? Of course it does, but this may take some time. The same principle when using a regular kitchen knife when sabering, it is possible to execute the art, but it can injure your or you might injure someone when swinging it

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Take Note:

The champagne saber’s blade is blunt and as you look closer, you can see that there is no sharp edge. This is because you don’t need a sharp blade when cutting the lip. The trick here is the chemical reaction from the inside of the bottle. The force you will make when sliding the blade is just for additional force letting the pressure out.

Pointing It Safe

Another important reminder when executing sabrage or sabering is where your bottle is pointing at. A cork when it flies can hurt someone and there are some instances this situation happens during the party. But, a flying cork together with the lip of the bottle is totally different. Someone can get injured or worse like becoming wounded because of shards of the bottle. Keep your distance when doing so.


Take Note

Small shards can flew towards your audiences and there are some probabilities that the shards can be landed to their plates, drinks, or even to their eyes. It is better to keep it safe by  making sure that you are at the perfect angle with the perfect distance.

When Practicing

Practice makes perfect, but no one is perfect so why practice? This sounds hilarious but it does have a point when executing sabrage. Even professionals can make some mistakes even in performance. The thing you should avoid when practicing is not to spoil champagne. Make sure when doing this, drink the stuff since there are so many individuals out there who are craving for champagne. Kidding aside  – champagne is a pricey beverage and since you are just practicing, you can use bubbly wines instead.

Take Note

Different bottles produced by different champagne manufacturers are different. Some bottles are tough while others are easy when breaking the lip. When sliding the blade, it helps to find the seam since this part of the bottle is its weakest spot.

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