Ways To Drink Champagne Like An Expert

There are many ways on how to enjoy your champagne. Yet of course, whenever you open a bottle, you should make sure to finish it. Just imagine how sweet it could be when you uncorked it in a fine temperature. It is indeed, delicious treat where anyone and everyone will surely love. Whatever the occasion may be or perhaps a simple celebration or something which can be celebrated, you can never go wrong of having you and your loved ones a treat of champagne.

Best Way To Open

The most common way when uncorking a bottle of champagne is by letting the cork glide to the air. You can use a corkscrew, but there are also bottles of champagne that you can uncork using your hand. Of course, this will vary depending on the bottle and the manufacturer or the champagne. The sweet sound of uncorking would be the best part of the occasion. It is called by many as the love whisper which is obvious since you are really going to love how it sounds. But wait until the champagne is filled to your flute. For a change, you can uncork the bottle by using a champagne sword or a champagne sabre. This art is called as sabrage or Champagne Sabering. Keep in mind that it needs practice in order to prefect the execution.


The Glass

The best way to enjoy your champagne is by pouring it to the white glass or if you prefer champagne flute, that would also be a good idea. You can be excited drinking the good wine, but in order for you to taste such sweet beverages, you can seize the moment by smelling the aroma of grapes. These glasses let you enjoy the aroma and the savor. The traditional champagne flute is ideal, but the narrow shape limits the drinker to enjoy the good wine. You can also try the couple glass wine. It creates an opposite experience compared to the champagne flute. Yet, you should drink the champagne quickly since the bubbles and the aroma will escape quickly from the glass.


Another best part of the occasion would be the pouring of champagne. You can be excited and overwhelmed about how it taste and how does the aroma gives you the pleasure. But it is ideal to only pour a glass of champagne about one third of the glass. If you filled up your glass too much it would affect the quality of the taste and it will warm up quickly as well. Never put ice to your glass of champagne otherwise, this might affect the taste.


Speaking of ice, the ideal temperature of your champagne should be at least 50 degree Fahrenheit. You can keep it chill at your fridge for about 20 minutes or so. Never let the bottle get frozen. Keep in mind to keep it cool but not iced cold. It is a common misconception of keeping the champagne cold and put it in the fridge. When you bought a champagne, the first thing that you should do is to keep it away from light.


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