The Uses of Champagne Saber

You saw sabrage in a fancy restaurant and you want to give it a try. You searched over the web and look for tips on how to execute the art the easiest way. On your part, you already know the fact that you should not use a typical knife you can find from your kitchen. But somehow, you are anxious of buying champagne sword or champagne saber because you are going to use it pretty much often. But champagne saber is not just intended for sabering a bottle of champagne. In fact, a lot of wine enthusiasts are collecting these items which give them the pleasure of fulfillment. Imagine you have a wide variety of champagne sabers and swords? Your co-workers, friends, and visitors would truly envy you.

Berkel Corsaro Wenge

Cunning, elegant and somehow nerve-wracking because of its shape. But you don’t have to worry about a thing since the blade is blunt. This sword is inspired and originated in the Middle East. It’s majestic look with its silvery blade and best quality materials what makes this champagne sword can make the impression that you are really passionate about wines. It is being produced by the finest blade manufacturer in Italy found in the small town of Maniago. The shape itself allows you to perfectly execute the art nice, smooth and easy.

download (1).jpg

Fox Due Cigni Sabre Bullae

If you want a smaller type of saber, you can’t go wrong with this one. In fact, for only $180 you can have this amazing saber. You can display this into your living room if not in use, or you can put it somewhere at your wine and champagne collection. This is another quality product from Maniago Italy. This saber is authentically inspired during in the time of Napoleonic era.


Fox Sciabola del Sommelier Bronze Black

If you really want to intimidate someone with your saber’s look, then this would the top choice. It is a black-charcoal blade saber with the attitude. Together with the saber is a stand and a quality box for safe keeping. Yet of course, you want it to display such beauty around the house and therefore, by all means, you can do so. This blade is produced from North Italy and catching anyone and everyone’s attention because of its sly look. This amazing saber can be yours and can be engraved to have a bit of your personal touch for only $180.00.

download (2).jpg

Viper Mathusalem Palissandro

Probably one of my personal favorite. As the name it sounds, this cunning saber is inspired and authentically designed particularly from a wine bottle sized champagne. Such bottle can hold 1.6 gallons. It has a size of burgundy bottom.


Viper Mathusalem Damasco Steel Cocobolo Limited Edition

If you are a serious champagne saber collector, then this saber is more than just a leisure but an investment. It’s blade is made from authentic Damascus steel which is really tough yet lightweight. It has a classic pattern and its handle is made from real cocobolo wood. It’s a classy tool when you saber champagne.viper-damasco-shop-1_1024x1024.jpeg

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