Budget Friendly Champagne Saber – Laguiole La Roque

So you are planning to have a date with your significant others and it seems like you want to be cheesy at least this moment only. After all, Valentine’s day is for those hopelessly romantic people like you do. Anyhow you are planning to take your wife/girlfriend somewhere that she can be cherished all of her life. You would love to take her out of a dinner where you can impress her with the best meal and the finest champagne in town. If you want, you can surprise her by sabering the bottle using champagne sword or saber.

Sabrage | Champagne Sabering

Champagne sabering has been recognized by many chefs and the finest restaurants you can find on earth. It is traced back a long way before from the time of the Great Napoleon Bonaparte back in the 18th century during the French Revolution. Champagne has been at their side when it comes to triumph and even defeat. During those days, they brought a log of champagne with them on their camp even when they are sailing on the sea. The only problem is, they forget about the most important thing they could bring and this is the corkscrew. Lucky, these horsemen improvised and used their primary weapon the saber and this is where the art of sabrage was born.

Learning How To Sabrage


Learning the art is easy as it looks like. You might say that it is somehow dangerous but the real trick here is not the weapon itself but what is happening inside. Keep in mind that you have to use proper tools when doing this kind of art. Never use knives you can find in your very own kitchen otherwise, you can hurt yourself or even worse like wasting the good wine.


The first thing that you should do is to remove all the foils from the bottle and then remove the wire that supports the cork. It is important to carefully remove the wire and put your thumb on the cork just in case. Make sure to point the bottle elsewhere which is safe. Don’t expect that you can perfectly execute the art again and again. Sometimes even the finest chef in town could not execute the art properly. Yet again, practice makes you better.

Laguiole La Roque

Laguiole La Roque
Laguiole La Roque

If you are looking for the best champagne saber then you can never go wrong with the Laguiole La Roque. As the name it sounds, the sword has its authentic design inspired by the French Revolution war. The good news is you can have this kind of saber for just about $85.00 only. It is perfect for those who want to learn sabrage and for those who loves collecting champagne collector’s item. The Laguiole La Roque will be delivered right at the footsteps of your door when you order now. The saber or the blade can be engraved with your name or something pretty much personal such as a message to your loved ones. It is also a perfect gift this heart season.

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