Why Use a Champagne Saber?

It might be simple at it seems when watching the bartender or the chef himself as he performs sabrage in front of you. You could witness this kind of art at the wedding ceremony, a simple date with your significant other or probably you just saw it on TV. You bought a bubbly wine and try it at your own kitchen. You get the kitchen knife and strike the lip of the bottle. It was a total mess where you have to clean the entire kitchen and you need to be careful since there are shards from the bottle.

Why Champagne Saber

champagne saber

Champagne saber is intended for sabering or sabrage and the blade was crafted by professional knife manufacturers. A kitchen knife or other regular knives you can find in your kitchen is not highly recommended because they are intended to cut meat and not a champagne glass. On the other hand, champagne sword or saber was actually intended for thrusting as a weapon during the First World War. The blade is curved perfectly for melee attack, particularly for mounted soldiers. The popularity of champagne sabering was developed after Napoleon together with his cavalrymen visited Europe.

Champagne Sword Today

Nowadays, you can find champagne sabers or swords online and they are no longer intended for thrusting but rather striking the champagne bottle. As you look closer to the blade, you will notice that there are no sharp edges. It is because that the blade is designed for the lip of the champagne bottle. The secret behind the art is actually what happens inside the bottle. The champagne sword will do the trick by pressuring the lip and helping the chemical reaction inside to push the lip together with the cork away.

Learn from the Experts

There are several tutorials out there to learn the art of sabrage but then again you have to use the proper tool when doing so. The good news is, you don’t need to buy the most expensive champagne sword in order to execute the art perfectly. But, you have to do your homework to make sure that it is going to be a perfect cut. Sabering would only be fun when the art is done perfectly.

Buy Champagne Sword


Investing with champagne sword will avoid you from tragic result when you perform the art in front of your (audiences probably your loved ones or friends). If you don’t want to waste champagne, you can always find cheap bubbly wine. Make sure that the neck is chilled and secure the place where you are going to perform or practice the art.


When removing the wire from the bottle, it is important to support the cork by putting some pressure from the cork using your thumb. In some cases, the cork flew away instantly as soon as the wire is removed. Finally, as you cut the lip off, you should let the bubbles flow from the bottle so shards can be removed. Also, take good care of your champagne saber or sword by cleaning it often.

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