6 Must Have Wine Accessories

Collecting different brands of wines and champagnes can be very rewarding indeed. In fact, collecting them is like a luxury statement. You can always taste the pleasure and victory as you go home drinking a couple glass of wine. However, you will not be called as a certified champagne enthusiast or collector if you don’t have these champagne accessories at home. Yes, you probably got a bunch of different brand of champagnes from your cooler or probably you got the most exquisite wine cooler but, it does not make sense if you don’t have the accessories will be mentioned below.



One of the most important champagne accessories is the bolder. It is multi-functional that can serve as an ice bucket or vase. Your champagne will look presentable and at the same time chill the champagne before drinking with style.

Champagne Flute

champagne flute

What kind of a champagne enthusiast are you if you don’t have champagne flutes on your shelves? It is called as a champagne flute for a reason. Its design is to retain the champagne’s carbonation that keeps the taste fresh and delicious. Aside from champagnes, flutes are actually preferred by many who wants to drink beers and any kinds of beverages that include carbonation.

Champagne Saber

champagne saber

Inspired from Napoleonic era, champagne saber is probably one of the most popular champagne accessories. It is not a necessity unlike champagne flutes, but, collecting some of these is truly rewarding. Champagne saber is obviously used for champagne sabering or also known as sabrage which becomes the highlight of many occasions. Ideally, you can collect them and put them somewhere in your office or living room. Or, make the most out of it by learning sabrage. Keep in mind that when practicing, only use a champagne saber when cutting the bottle and not your typical kitchen knife.

German Opener

German Opener

From French to German Culture, you can never go wrong with German Bottle Corker. The same way of opening the cork using a corkscrew, its beautiful steel and zinc have its elegance and simplicity. If it seems that you need to have a quick glass of champagne, you can uncork the bottle without fuzz. The opener is often used by bartenders which can also be used in opening crowns.

Spectra Carafe

Spectra Carafe

Most champagne enthusiast can never have enough carafes collected in their shelves. These are perfect accessories as they can hold any kinds of beverages you prefer to drink. Like champagne flutes, Carafe is also designed for keeping the carbonation. You can collect them with different colors and sizes where you can boast them to your visitors and make the most out of it.

Zinc Wine Carrier

Wine Carrier

Such  wine accessory is perfect for picnics and other outdoor celebrations. But, it would also look great when you display it at your wine or champagne collection stand. There are plenty of uses with such accessory. Aside from the fact that you can carry multiple bottles but at the same time, it ensure that your champagne bottles are safe.


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