How to Saber Champagne with Champagne Sword

Sabering a champagne bottle might seem like a magic trick that is reserved for the badass best-selling sci-fi writers or master sommeliers, right? Wrong! Everyone including yourself can easily pull off this amazing feat of physics. Actually, you do not have to be particularly coordinated or strong — heck you do not require a specifically strong blade. All that is needed is a little science, a little finesse, and a number of cheap bubbly bottles.

The following is a quick guide that will equip you with the skills needed to show off your ability to saber champagne in the upcoming party …

Quick Guide

chilled champagne bottle

Step 1: Make sure your champagne bottle is well-chilled. This is a highly important step because a ‘lukewarm’ bottle will result to a shattered glass. The last thing you want is ending up with a failed and messy video on YouTube!

Remove foil from the neck of champagne bottle

Step 2: Remove all the foil from the neck of the bottle. For now, you can leave the cage.

seam of champagne bottle

Step 3: Look for a seam on the bottle. Regular champagne bottles have two seams that run from top right to bottom. Later, the strike ought to be made along any one of the seams.

holding champagne bottle

Step 4: With one hand, hold the bottle as the other hand sabers the bottle. Hold the bottle pointing upwards on a roughly 45-degree angle. Begin by practicing a little and then sliding the sabers blade with utmost caution along the seam that is up the neck of the bottle in order to get the right feel. In a similar fashion, make the final strike. Slide your blade right along the bottle neck as you hit the cork’s seam. Ensure it is made faster and with much decisiveness.

Sabering Champagne

Step 5: This step entails removing the cage around that is around the cork. Be prepared for an actual strike. You ought to strike in a firm but non-violent manner. Your strike should be straight. Avoid striking in a curve at all cost. Depending on your previous experience and your bottle, it may take just a few numbers of strikes prior to enjoying success. Do not be discouraged after an unsuccessful strike. Any being unsuccessful, you should slide the blade back and then repeat the strike again and again.

Uncorking champagne bottle

Step 6: How does the taste of success feel like? By now, you should have saber your champagne bottle top … The top of the bottle can sly as high as 16-33 ft. Do you intend to perform your champagne sabering indoors? If yes, then it is highly prudent to attach a string between your saber and the top of champagne bottle. This ensures it does not cause any damage to people, doors, or walls.

Word of Caution >> Be extremely on where you point the bottle.


Surprise everyone in the next social function by brilliantly opening a champagne bottle by using a champagne sword. Mastering the art of ‘beheading’ a champagne bottle is not hard. All it needs is some practice and a little patience. From the above steps, you can perfectly and effortlessly open a bottle of champagne.

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