Gift Champagne Saber to your Dad this Father’s Day

Buying your father a gift this father’s day season can be very critical especially if your father seems to have everything. He has a fancy pen, shiny cufflink, car accessories, cool wrist watch, shades, nice suits, and awesome smartphone. So, what else is missing? For personal touch, a nice way to do that is to give him something unique yet he will surely love. It is not a gadget, another car accessories or fountain pen. I’m talking about a blast in the past where every time he sees such historical item, he will be reminded how special he is with his child.

Champagne Saber

champagne saber

Champagne Saber or Champagne sword is an ideal gift this father’s day season. You can add a bit of personal touch by putting some simple message to your dad. Engraved champagne sabre is indeed a wonderful idea that can put wow on the face of your father literally. Such sword can be used as a collectible item to boast such elegance to his friends for coworkers. Of course, you have to remind your dad that it is not a toy but rather a tool intended to uncork a fine wine champagne. He might want to try how the hussars uncork the champagne by using the champagne sword. If so, you can help him to practice and discover how to strike the lip of the bottle directly in order to perform such a terrific art.


Sabering champagne or Sabrage is the art of uncorking the champagne which was popularized by Napoleon’s cavalries. It has a rich history that made such occasion very exquisite and exciting. It is highly recommended to be aware of the safety guidelines. Even though that the blade is blunt, it can still injure some people especially if the lip and the cork of the bottle pop out. Therefore, the bottle should be pointed somewhere where no one will be hurt or get hurt.

Father’s Day

This Father’s day spend the time with your father and catch up some few things like his favorite sports or how about celebrating the night at your backyard cooking some barbecue, watching a good movie and drink up with that delicious champagne. Take time and be with your dad this day. But of course, before drink up the good wine, it must have some kind of ceremonial. Encourage your father to uncork the champagne using his new champagne sword. I hope that he will execute the art perfectly. I’m pretty sure that he can because of so many tutorials you can find on the web.

If he wants to practice, the best way to do that is not by using a regular knife you can find in the kitchen. It must be the champagne saber or champagne sword. Keep in mind that the trick here is not the blade but the perfect stance, strike and the best use of angle. Teach him how to find the seam so that when he strikes the bottle, it never needs force to pop the lip.

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